Marketing software developed to support golf clubs membership growth and visitor lead generation

Automated messaging, Contact management, Website chat widget,
Integration of social media platforms onto a single dashboard

Club Membership

Visitor Booking

Society Booking

Membership management utilising the power of automated messaging

We support golf clubs stand out over the competition on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Creating a superior level of communication between club and potential new members and visitors that offers opportunity for the early adopters.

Our aim is to support and drive golf club sustainability.

We do not work with any other industry. We provide the club with everything you need to make using social media easy. The GolfAi dashboard allows the club to manage and record all incoming social media inquires on a single dashboard freeing up staff resources

Inquires that convert over and over again.

GolfAi creates your very own contact route to re-sell and push offers to inquires that comes though the messaging system ensuring all time invested into communication is beneficial.

Interested in working with GolfAi? Here's what it looks like.

Contact GolfAi

Stage one is to arrange a time to demonstrate the benefit that GolfAi can deliver to your golf club


Stage two will require information from yourself to link your social media accounts

Testing & Training

Stage three once we are fully onboarded we conduct full testing and training

Our payment structure is simple

Monthly Subscription - minimum 12 month

One-off Onboarding/training fee

Why is lead generation automation so important?

Surveys have shown that Clubs who respond in first hour are 6 times more likely to secure membership – GolfAI allows customer interaction real time

  • GolfAi - Real time Response – 24/7

  • GolfAi - Saving on staff costs of up to 30%

  • GolfAi - Increase membership conversations by 50%

In recent consumer survey it has been shown that 82 % of consumers expect response with 15 mins - don’t get left behind! Book your demo today with GolfAi

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I get to see results with your approach?

The software is new, exciting and will provide immediate impact to the club. Initial reaction to the implementation of GolfAi was an increase of 40% in new membership inquiries.

Why did you decide to build this tool for golf clubs?

As a golf club member I recently experienced a close family member in a board position within a golf club spending multiple hours per day managing and responding to social media inquires. I was able to see first hand the gap in the market for a tool to support golf clubs in the management of social media accounts streamlining them into one portal in order to make it more effective and efficient.

Would you be willing to develop this software for my business that is not a golf club?

Building the software and automation for a different industry is a possibility but would involve a different payment structure as I would need to develop the software for your business solely, message me if you want to discuss this possibility.

How long does onboarding take?

On receipt of key information GolfAi would be implemented within 5 days.

Do you need to visit the club to train?

Training can be done virtually or at club if preferred.

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